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#16638 - 04/06/04 09:02 PM EHK and weather
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Does anybody know how a humid weather may affect EHK and scales? My husband's work is talking to him about the possibility of moving to Singapore for a period of time. We know that Singapore is very humid and at times very hot. It seems to us that this should help with keepinf scaling better under control.

Any input is appreciated.


#16639 - 04/07/04 01:52 PM Re: EHK and weather

It's true that heat and humidity can be very beneficial to some forms of Ichthyosis. However, some forms of Ichthyosis are very heat intolerant, like your son's EHK. I don't think the benefits of the heat and humidity would outweigh the overheating and plain misery that comes with it for me. Something else to consider, I talked to a couple at the last conference who adopted a child with Ichthyosis from Singapore. Their description of how the public in Singapore treated their child, whether it was ignorance or cultural, regardless, was absolutely horrible. Should you decide to move there, the hot weather will be only one of your biggest problems.

#16640 - 04/08/04 03:55 AM Re: EHK and weather
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Ironically, heat & humidity do tend to benefit EHK. But, the problem is that many people with EHK (myself included) do not sweat properly and we're unable to cool down quickly. Personally, I don't think the benefit is worth dealing with the overheating beacause with the overheating comes blisters, etc. No fun.

Other cultures (even different parts of the US) handle EHK differently. It was sheer hell living in some parts of this country (people & weather) and other parts it was no problem. Southern California has been the most welcoming in terms of weather *and* people! England & Ireland were okay too. :-)


#16641 - 04/14/04 10:03 PM Re: EHK and weather
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I have been to Singapore, and I have EHK. It was too humid, unless you are in the air conditioning all the time. Its a beautiful city, but I wouldn't move there long term, just for the is on the equator and you are basically sweating all the time...if you can sweat.


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