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#16435 - 11/19/02 06:01 AM EHK on the neck

I wanted to share with other parents my experience with Tazorac(tazarotene topical gel)0.1% specifically used on my 2 y/o son's neck (he has EHK as do I). The back of his neck had built up skin which appeared darker giving that "dirty neck" look. I have been using Tazorac on him for 2 weeks now and the skin has cleared up. If anyone wants to try this be warned that you have to make sure that you only apply it to the effected skin as it will take off layers of normal skin very quickly. Also don't give up too soon, I almost did.
What I did was apply the Tazorac on my son's neck at bathtime. I washed it off after about 2 minutes. After his bath I applied Aquaphor. At first his skin looked really dry during the day, no amount of moisturizer could fix that. His neck also became red since this ointment is so potent. Once the skin build up is gone, stop using the Tazorac as continuing the use of the ointment would likely cause a "burn". [img][/img] I don't know what to do to maintain his "new" skin aside from applying plain Aquaphor or maybe LacHydrin. Any suggestions?


#16436 - 11/20/02 04:45 AM Re: EHK on the neck
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"Maintaining" new skin when you finally get it to appear is always the hard part. I have found things in the past that "wipe" my scales right off (hair removers, etc.) but I can't seem to keep that new skin look going for long.
The dirty neck syndrome is especially difficult because it's not big scales that you can just pumice off, it's more of a color or shadow than anything else.
What about oiling his neck really well overnight and seeing if it doesn't make any light build-up scrub off in the mornings?


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