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#16304 - 01/16/04 10:26 PM Re: Sandpaper?
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My husband and son both have EHK. We started using a Dremel sander on my husband's feet 2 years ago. Before that he was hacking off the calluses with a pocket knife. He says that this hurts much less and is much more efficient and precise.

He originally started using it on his feet dry, but because the skin is so thick the heat builds up and it burns. He has found that it works best right after his shower - he puts towels along the door of the shower and one on the floor to catch all the dust. He sands, then removes the towels and Dremel and washes the loose dust off, then gets out and creams as usual. He does it 1-2x a month.

The only caveat is that it changes his ability to walk for a day or two until his he adjusts to the new balance.

I have used it once on our 1 year old, but he is not as severe as his dad, so it isn't as necessary.

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#16305 - 02/16/04 10:19 PM Re: Sandpaper?
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I have EHK. I have never tried sand paper but i do use a Pumas stone. The solid kind with a handle.
I tried the Dremel a few times but it was hard not to go too deep and sometimes I would get funny infections. My feet aren't that bad.

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