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#16168 - 10/25/06 01:20 AM mimyx/atopiclair
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We just got back from our paed. derm. and she informed us that we can't get mimyx or atopiclair here,in Canada. She says that it's basically a "glorified moisurizer" with no drug ingredients and thus, shouldn't even be classified as a drug.
Apparently, the 'active' ingredient is licorice (also found in Eucerine's 'Redness Relief' lotion). Anyway, I know that some of you have experience with these products and I would like to know if we're missing out on anything...our derm. claims that as far as she knows, it's a lot of hype but I would like to know from the "soldiers in the trenches." As well, if you have an opinion on Triceram or something similar (containing ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids), I would like to hear it.


Craig and Sarah Hodgkinson (aka Dad and Mom to Matt and Ema)
Ema has been diagnosed with Congenital Ichtyosiform Erythroderma (CIE)

#16169 - 10/25/06 02:43 AM Re: mimyx/atopiclair
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Hello Craig, Sarah, and Emma
I just saw your post and thought I would give you my thoughts on the subject.I used Triceram back in April to see how it would work on my pesky calf and lower leg scales.My lower legs are where the scales are the worst.In three days, my legs were 50% cleared of scales, and by the seventh day they were completely cleared.In X-linked skin, we have an abundance of cholesterol sulphate and a lessened amount of cholesterol. This combination of cholesterol, ceramides, and other ingredients helps to repair barrier function and I would recommend it.It is in our foundation product list and is made by Osmotics Corporation.Take care Hodgees family and by for now.
Les Avakian

#16170 - 10/26/06 02:18 AM Re: mimyx/atopiclair
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All though we changed alot about our regimin all at once I do believe the change to Mimyx along with Sween 24, (which comes off in the bath allowing water to reach the skin, for us Auquphor seemed to dry him because after put on dosent really let any water in unless washed thouroughly ),and changing to Auqaphor baby wash. With his new regimin his skin has done a total 360 and it is so much easier to keep his skin doing well. Plus his skin that is ready to come off in the bath now does with ease, unlike before when his scales just wanted to build up. So with exfoliation every day he gets more water to his new skin in the bath and his skin looks so much better without so much dryness and scales it used to. So I dont know if it is just the mimyx or the whole new regimin, but it whatever it is it works for us. Hope this helps.

Cara Griffith and Teofilo Tundidor III
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Cara Griffith and Teofilo Tundidor III (son 3 with nb-cie)
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Sorry to say but I have to agree with your doctor. My daughter and I have been using the Mimyx cream on my 3 month old grand son for two weeks and discontinued it. It didn't work. He cried in pain as we applied it, we noticed his skin was turning red and started to weep in different areas.

He was diagnosed with A-topical dermatitus and excema. We have tried everything but nothing is helping and I do believe that this cream is only making things worse.


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