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#26207 - 04/17/10 01:29 AM Re: NEOTIGASON [Re: cloudlet]
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My dermatologist told me about this medication and was relieved when I told him I was aware of it, aware of the nasty side effects, and had chosen to not take it. It can cause internal injury and for what?? So we can look "normal".. purely for cosmetic reasons. I have to say that I have diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy and my eyesight is failing...I have no time to worry about smooth skin. I never lacked for boyfriends, been married twice, and have been quite happy with my life. Your outlook and personality counts for SOOOO much more than your skin. May I suggest you look inside you for a fix and not to a pharmacy?

#26633 - 07/18/10 04:15 PM Re: NEOTIGASON [Re: cloudlet]
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Sorry to hear that.
Hopefully we will recover soon.
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#26638 - 07/20/10 04:43 AM Re: NEOTIGASON [Re: cloudlet]
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I have Lamellar... but that is what the Doctor diagnosed but it feels worse! It feels like I have all the category's of ichthyosis. My skin is so dry and scaly all over my body. I have not taken anything orally but just creams and lotion prescriptions. I'm just not satisfied... I have done clinical trials but don't know if it's going back a 2nd or 3rd time. Been using lac hydrin and tazorac cream but that one really drys out the skin and feel like I need to peel off the dryness ... Ughhh!!

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