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#15909 - 12/27/05 10:55 PM eye lid and bathing questions
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Hi, again. I have read several messages about how people are bathing their young children and how often, but I am interested in new born care. As of now, I bath my son once a week with Cetaphil cleanser and the bath last probably less than 5 minutes. I am using only my hands to apply the cleanser and rinsing is minimal. All of this is per the advice of one of our dermatologist. I guess my questions are...
What kind of cleansers have some of you tried on your infants?
How often and how long do you bath your child for?
Pumices seem offly harsh at this age. What do you use to remove the flaking and scaling?
As for the eye lid question, a couple of times my son's inner eye lid has kind of falling out of his eye to cover the entire cornea area. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I wasn't sure what to do, so I left it alone and it fixed itself. I have a feeling it will happen again and didn't know if anyone had any suggestions?
Thank you for your help.
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#15910 - 12/28/05 04:12 PM Re: eye lid and bathing questions
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We give our little ones (3 years and 1 year) with Lamellar a bath once a week. When they were newborn, we gave them a bath once a week as well. With our son (our three year old), we used the Cetaphil as a newborn. As he grew, I started using Dove body wash (white bottle with a green label). When he was close to two years old, we found Olay body wash for severely dry skin (white bottle with a yellow label) and we really liked it. When our daughter was born, we skipped the Cetaphil and went right to using the Olay body wash. She was tiny (4 pounds 6 oz.) when she was born and we never had a problem using this on her at all. We do use a wash cloth to put the body wash on. We do not use any soap on their faces...just a wet wash cloth on the face does the trick. Be sure that all of the body wash is rinsed off because any residue from any cleanser will dry the skin out. We also remove the extra skin before we actually wash them...To remove the skin, we just go up and down their body with our finger tips rubbing the skin off. If you let your son soak about 5 minutes before you do this it will be easier to remove the skin and it will let some moisture get into his skin too. We are very successful at getting a good bit of skin off with just our finger tips on both our son and daughter and have never used anything other than our hands. When we are done with bath time, we don't really dry them off. We wrap them up in a towel and carry them to the bedroom to get their Aquaphor and lotion on. Just wrapping them up in a towel removes enough of the water to get the Aquaphor on but leaving some of that water on really helps because you seal the moisture in with the Aquaphor. We put lotion on their scalp and rub it in well...we towel dry any extra lotion off and we are done. When they were babies, we used to put a little cap on their head after the lotion to hold the moisture in and prevent them from getting cold with their "wet" head.

As for your eye lid question, we have never experienced that but I am sure somebody will have some impute.
Best of Luck.

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I was born with LI, and when I was a baby, my mom used Aquaphor on me, except she used Vaseline Hand Lotions on my hands and feet. I'm not really sure why b/c when I was old enough to lotion myself, I put the Aquaphor on all over.

As a baby, she used a baby's hair brush to help remove the flakes. Pretty much the same thing parents of "normal" babies do to remove cradle cap, which my "normal" daugter has right now! Just wet the hair brush, shampoo his head, and gently rub hishead in circular motions with the bristles of the hairbrush.
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