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#15874 - 08/17/05 01:06 AM New to board
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Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to say hello. I'm new to the board and it looks great here.
I'm 33, single and in the Cincinnati area. Have LI pretty bad, maybe 80% coverage.
Very self consions of it as well. The last two years or so it has started to cover my face like where facial hair grows. This is new to me. What can be done to stop this. Have the hair removed???
I've quit going outside, it looks bad to me. Just wondered if anyone else had this.
Anyway, Just sayin' Hello.

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#15875 - 09/02/05 01:28 AM Re: New to board
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well that happens to me somethimes on my eyebrows. Noe i am only 13 yrs old but if you don't already use this try aquaphor.

#15876 - 09/04/05 10:18 AM Re: New to board
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Hi William

First let me welcome to this BB. There are so many great people using this website and I am sure you will find and receive a lot of helpful and encouraging information.

I have LI as well and I guess my body is covered 100% and therefore it is visible in my face too. Because I use Soriatane the skin is much better than without (very powerful drug though with lots of potential side effects). However, for my face I usually use a wet washcloth to rub off dead skin cells. Sometimes I even use a peeling though they usually are not strong enough. And of course I put on lotion regularly. In winter or on dry summer days it is difficult to keep the skin moisturized and I will have to put on lotion several times a day.

Hope this helps. But maybe some of the guys have better suggestions regarding the areas in your face with hair.

All the best,


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