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#15856 - 06/08/05 10:52 PM RE: pregnancy
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Just wondering if anyone who has CIE had difficulty getting pregnant?

Also did anyone have difficulty keeping the pregnancy?

I recently had a miscarriage after undergoing an IVF. I have difficulty getting pregnant the first time but even more difficulty keeping it.

#15857 - 06/09/05 12:35 AM Re: RE: pregnancy
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Hi! I'm 26 and I have LI. I had trouble concieving my son (who is 2). I took 6 months' worth of fertility drugs (Clomid) after being off the Pill for 2 years. It took the highest dose allowed on Clomid before I ovulated & was able to concieve Allan. I carried him w/ no problem. Not even stretch marks--except for some wierd white lines that disappeared as soon as my belly did!

Anyway, last August we decided I would go off the Pill & we'd try for a sibling for Allan. I expected Allan would be 4 before we could present him w/ a brother or sister, but after only 3 months being off the Pill, I concieved naturally and am due in the middle of August!

Remember, a lot of women have problems conceiving, no matter what their skin type, color, or condition.
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#15858 - 06/10/05 11:27 AM Re: RE: pregnancy
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I have been trying to conceive for many months now and I have CIE. I'm not sure if it's the Ichthyosis that has anything to do with it, but rather that some couples just take longer. I've done my research and it is the norm. for it to take 6 months - 1 year. Of course there are the women that get pregnant first shot out, but that isn't the norm.
What I have started to do is really get my health inorder. I'm trying to get more sleep (which I've read that lack of sleep can inhibit fertility), exercise regularly, reduce stress (really getting into yoga lately) and now focus more on nutrition. I think the skin overall works so hard for us that it has to be in tip top condition so that the body can go off and handle other things (pregnancy).
I've read on this BB about tons of other women having healthy babies, so I am not discouraged that having CIE will inhibit that from happening for me and I wouldn't worry for you either. And unfortunately miscarriage is all too common with many women, so I wouldn't put that on CIE either. I'm sorry for your loss, however.
Besides what I've written above, I don't have any more advice, but if you want to talk more, e-mail me.
It doesn't seem fair that for all we go through daily, that trying to have a baby is equally difficult. Don't give up, though. For all that you are doing to conceive, you'll be a wonderful Mother.

#15859 - 07/08/05 11:26 PM Re: RE: pregnancy
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I hope you don't mind my response. My son has LI and I don't but when we were trying to conceive our first son it took a while and 2 miscarriages. Then Nikolas (my son with LI) was conceived unexpectedly when Will was only 3.5 months. I found a lot of support groups and found a lot women seem to have problems conceiving their first child but subsequent children are much easier to conceive in many cases.

I'm so sorry for your loss and wish you all the luck in conceiving. If you ever need to talk I am here. [img][/img]

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