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#15822 - 03/01/05 01:30 AM questions
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I am new to this page, I have known about it and read off of it for help but finally registered. My step-daughter,2, has what they think is CIE. But they once thought it to be lamellar. I had a few questions. since she cant really tell me.

With the ectropian eyes, how would you describe them in the morning???

have there been any emotional, psychological problems, through school work, just life? and how did you deal?

Ashlynne, is the oldest. Her mom and dad divorced. My daughter with Ashlynnes dad is almost 8 months. Ashlynnes real mom is pregnat and due in like 6 months. How do you handle raising your kids to help each other and understand??

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I have a CIE daughter who is almost 6. I also have other children and step children with no issues. We have tried to never treat our daughter any differently than the other kids however, there are times that what we can do as a family is dictated by our affected child, particularly when it is hot.
Socially we have worked extra hard to boost her confidence and self esteem so that when she is teased it is a little easier for her. She attended two years of preschool and it came down to good teachers watching over her. Next month is kindergarten and hopefully we will have another great teacher.
There are so many issues and so many degrees of severity with this condition that it is hard to predict how your child will feel. Reading the information on this site and the newsletter are so helpful. Good luck.


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