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#15718 - 01/03/04 03:12 PM Re: Eyes
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I have a dry eye problem, too. The eye doctor told me to use drops and ointments in my eyes, but they didn't seem to work. What did help was taking a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every day. It has taken the grittiness out of my eye. I use the type without lignans, because the type with lignans gives me negative reactions in other areas of my health.


#15719 - 01/08/04 11:42 PM Re: Eyes
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My son Ryan also has had many problems with scarring on his corneals caused by his eyes not tearing and also ectropian of the eyelids since birth. His has had eyelid surgery many times to take out a piece of eyelid skin and put in a larger piece to make him more able to close his eyes. At one point he had to have eyedrops in each eye ever hour and then ointment at night. The last surgery he had was different. The surgeon just put stitches to pull his outer eyelids closed more all the time. This has seemed to help him immensely. He doesn't need the eye drops or ointments anymore. He does use a humidifier though every night in his room.

#15720 - 07/19/04 04:57 AM Re: Eyes
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I am curious about the surgery where they put a stitch or two in lids to close them more... first of all, is it noticeable? Does it look odd, or can you not even tell they're stitched? My son has slight ectropian with his LI and the doctor mentioned this surgery as a possibility in the future. I am wondering if I should just have it done to avoid the abrasions in the meantime.

I am wondering if he got an abrasion this week. He woke up one morning with one eye bright red in the inner corner. The white part of the eye. It looked like a few of the little blood vessels broke. He was able to open the eye and he didn't rub it or complain about it unless I was trying to open his eye to check on it. It has gotten more pink than red now, so it must be healing. Is that what it looks like? I had originally thought he must have rubbed some Amlactin in it or something, but now I'm wondering...


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#15721 - 08/03/04 03:00 AM Re: Eyes
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The surgery I had done in October was the best choice I could have made. Although, I still have dry eyes (mild) it is a thousand times better. I think that as scary as it was I would do it again when necessary. The surgery consisted of lifting my lower eye lid. My doctor stiched the side of eye lid (rear part of the eye) just slightly. I had mild bruising and stiches for about 3 weeks. Once removed I had a small red scar which has finally faded. So over all I had a lift which benefitted me greatly but made me look younger too.

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