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#15703 - 10/06/03 04:51 AM spots of normal looking skin?
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well maybe not but umm yeah. not sure what to say... its most noticable when im just out of a bath. i know for a fact that they werent there when i was a kid. seems as though the number is increasing with time. best description i can give is that my skin is red, these patches are of a normal skin tone, my skin will get fine wrinkles as it dries out... but these spots dont wrinkle, also these areas my skin doesnt seem to scale or flake at all. i mean its a long way off from making a difference as 99% of my skin is still red but im just curious if anyone else has anything similar. at first i noticed these areas mostly on my sides or around my armpits but they're in quite a few places now... chest, back, sides, legs, arms, hands, neck. pretty much everywhere but my face.

then again the number of these spots isnt increasing at any kind of noticable rate and i cant come up with any one reason for why they would be appearing in the first place... but if i could figure out a reason it'd be great.

#15704 - 10/06/03 01:48 PM Re: spots of normal looking skin?
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As I have aged, I've had skin in various areas of my body improve and look, feel and respond in a manner to skin that's not affected by ichthyosis.

For me also these areas are most noticeable just after a bath. That time period is gradually becoming longer as I age.

Many years ago (probably at least 10) I spoke with a man whose father had Lamellar Icthyosis. The father died in his late 70s. According to the man's son, by the time his dad reached middle age, his skin looked very good, almost to the point that unless he was having a really bad day, he didn't look like he had ichthyosis.

At last year's FIRST conferece, there were a fair number of folks with Lamellar or CIE that were anywhere between 50-80 years of age. Some of them really didn't look like they had ichthyosis. They still had to moisturize their skin, but there was no visible peeling or redness. The only thing that was really different looking is that they didn't have a lot of wrinkles and looked younger than they actually were. I think we have much to look forward to as we get older.

I also think the improvement is partially due to people most likely finding improved methods for caring for their skin, and finding and maintaining a routine that works very well for them. It might also be because as people age, they learn a bit more patience (hopefully, at least) and don't get upset as easily. I for one know that the less stressed I am, the better my skin is.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.


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