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#15511 - 01/20/01 01:00 AM Re: Anyone else sensitive to light?
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The eye surgery is necessary for some people. It depends also on how severe your eye lids are turn out or how tightly drawn are your eye lids. Mine were very tight and red all the time and watered alot. The surgury does not last (mine 5 years).My eye lids on each end were cracking and hurt when i turned my head from side to side. I am please that i had them redone, although dissappointed that they probably will only last 5 years. I lube the outside with eucrein & eye lube regualrily. I have noticed now that my eye site has improved and my eyes don't water except when it is windy or i'm under a ceiling fan. I think your plastic surgen should know what is best.

#15512 - 01/21/01 03:39 AM Re: Anyone else sensitive to light?

Hey people,
Being from Southern California I always wear sunglasses during the day and never noticed how sensitive my eyes were until I dropped my raybans from a fourth floor balcony and that's when I discovered my eye sensitivity. I'm also very sensitive to headlights at night. I have EHK, does this occur in all ichthyosis forms???

#15513 - 01/30/01 07:48 PM Re: Anyone else sensitive to light?
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Can't stand the light either! I have EHK with 'normal' closing eyes. I always assumed the sensitivity was caused by the soriatane.

#15514 - 03/17/01 04:28 AM Re: Anyone else sensitive to light?
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I read the part about sensitivity to the light. I started to see at night I was sensitve to the street lights. In the morning on a sunny day I never leave w/out my sunglasses. I don't know if it has to do with the abrasions or dry eye or the icthyosis.

#15515 - 03/25/01 06:27 AM Re: Anyone else sensitive to light?
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I have noticed the same thing as most of yall. When ever I drive at night, the headlights from other cars seem really bright to me. Almost like they have their brights on. But whenever I tell someone this they just look at me funny like I have lost my mind. Also during the day this bothers me. I have lamellar and its nice to hear Im not going crazy, that other people have this problem. Thanks.

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