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#15458 - 01/13/08 05:57 AM retinoids with minor iv
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I have been using lactic and uric acid on my skin for about 3 years now and it looks close to normal, except during the winter. It rarely itches and the only problem I really ever had was the appearance. Having a minor case like mine, would it be worth trying retinoids or are they better left for more severe cases? Thanks in advance for your input!
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#15459 - 01/14/08 04:22 PM Re: retinoids with minor iv
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No one can make that decision except you. The oral medications have a lot of side effects to consider - bone density issues, birth defects, etc. The topical ones don't have the systemic problems, but they are newer and less understood. If you're only treating shins and forearms, you might want to look at the topical creams. They work, but you may find that they work too well. Like everything else, it's all trial and error around here.

My husband uses a little Tazorac on just his armpits about every 6 weeks. One little dab does nothing for 3 days, then suddenly on day 4 (with no additional treatment) everything starts peeling off. It itches and leaves bits everywhere, and sometimes gets pretty raw. It takes about 3-4 days to heal, then the skin is sort of normal for a few weeks until it builds back up again. He has tried it in other places, too. It works in spots at the back of the knee and makes the back of the neck VERY raw. It doesn't do anything to the palms and soles, which are his worst areas. We don't use it at all on the kids.

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#15460 - 01/29/08 05:53 PM Re: retinoids with minor iv
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Iuse topical retenoid for my 4y girl with LI it works well but for preventing row areas I mix it with panthenol or any emmolient with good effect I hope this well help u
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#15461 - 01/30/08 12:04 AM Re: retinoids with minor iv
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Severity is all relative. Your condition is relatively mild compared to people who use retinoids, but it does not sound like you have mild IV. But even if you have intermediate or severe IV, I would not recommend the drug. I have very severe IV and I have never thought about using the drug.

There are bad side effects. Keith C with EHK who used to post a lot is having really bad problems with his joints directly related to the medication.
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#15462 - 04/19/08 08:41 PM Re: retinoids with minor iv
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hi there, if anyone has seen my posts else where, you would be aware that i have been taking Acitretin, Neotigerson in particular, my condition is severe and after 15 years on this drug i am experiencing joint problems and tiredness, so much so i have had to give up work. my bone density shows signs of osteoporosis. your skin, being your largest organ requires a lot of energy to rebuild, and with all this in mind i have given up the drug which appears not to be working now, if you suffer as i do, get off the drug, or don't begin to take it and use Alpha Hydroxy lotion from Dermal Therapy of Canada, also available in UK at Advanced Care Products, i have just been using it for the last week and i swear by it, my skin for the first time is very smooth and completely clear of dry skin.
It is a miracle lotion, text me direct if you wish,
all the best to all
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