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#15449 - 08/25/07 08:37 AM THANKS PSYCH GAL
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I have been having very long baths lately, as i am so peely on the Soriatane...and i recall you telling me how smooth you were able to get your skin from long soaks and exfoliation...

I mean, i know this goes without saying...but boy i never realised how smooth my legs could get...they are so peely along with my arms, but when i soak for ages, i just use a rubbing action and it all rolls off like play dough...hehehe...i love doing that...I stay in there for minimum 1.5 hours, max 2 hours...
So a big thanks to you...

Question for anyone on soriatane...Do any of you find that you lose weight while on it...I have kind of gone down about 1 stone in the past 5 months or so...?

Never thought i would get my weight down ever again, but i have...and i wonder if it is the metabolism of being on Soriatane?


#15450 - 08/27/07 03:22 PM Re: THANKS PSYCH GAL
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Hi Pauline!

I'm very sad to say that no, I didn't loose any weight when I started. I also started on the Soriatane when I was 17 and my lifetstyle/metabolysm etc was changing. I also lived in a dormitory at university the next year which certainly didn't help my diet - LOL!

Question for you and others on S ---

If you miss a day or two here and there do you find that you get many more blisters than normal?

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#15451 - 08/31/07 01:03 AM Re: THANKS PSYCH GAL
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Hi Sarah,

Umm, no...not at all, re blisters...but when i take an extra one, I get so peely, it is quite painful...very red underneath the peeling...and i do get little fine white water blisters...but they don't build up, just flat ones in the same shape of the line of skin/redness....IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...

I have had to reduce the dosage a bit for this reason...My skin also burns when it is too peely from the drug too...

Basically when i get very erythodermic, those areas have the flat blistering...I think it is because the skin is so thin and fragile in those areas...

Thanks Sarah...I haven't forgotten about the photos...just busy, and slack...

Love Pauline

#15452 - 08/31/07 01:30 AM Re: THANKS PSYCH GAL
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I am so glad you have found a routine that is working out well for you! I don't know if AU has a product called Dovonex, but the exfoliation, plus the ointment keeps my legs pretty clear. Anyhow, thanks for keeping me posted on everything. =)


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