I have Darier's Disease. I thank the rest of you who have posted to this Forum.

My Derm has given me a range to take. 20 to 25 mgs a day. At 20 mgs I don't go backwords and my Darier's callouses don't get worse. At 20 mgs for 5 to 6 days a week and 25 mgs for one or two days a weak the callous drops off and if I don't irratite the skin it is replaced with normal skin.

I just figured out that the big callous in the middle of my back, that I got from abrasion from a lumbar support 15 years ago, might get cleared up if I went on the higher dose and made a support that kept the area from being touched when I drive and when I work.

So, for the last 2 months I have been in skin pain. I have been distracted by it, and irritable. Well, I just today have this form from Human Resources at work that I have to take to my Doctor's to fill out.

Part of the form is a couple of people where frigthened by my behavior. Well, I am glad for acitetin and know better. That it is best that I don't go for more than a couple of weeks of the higher dose.

Thanks much again for the posts that the rest of you have made.