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#15358 - 10/11/04 12:36 AM How Often To Use Tazorac?
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For those of you who use (or have used) Tazorac, how often do you apply it?

My doctor suggested I put it on once a day, but that caused my skin to become very raw, red, and painful. I'd like to try using it again once the irritated skin heals up, but less often than once a day.

I remember reading somewhere on this board that someone uses it once a week, but if I remember correctly, that was for a small child. As an adult, would using it once a week be enough? Should I use it twice a week?

I'm interested in hearing how often you all use it. Thanks!

#15359 - 10/11/04 01:22 PM Re: How Often To Use Tazorac?
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My husband uses it 2 or 3 days in a row and then stops it until the thick areas grow back - ususally 2 or 3 weeks. If he uses it for more than 3 days in a row, he gets raw.

What we did was use it for 1 day and stop for a week. It didn't do anything.

Then we used it for 2 days and stopped. It did some good.

After a week, we used it for 3 days. He started to peel.

After another week, we used it for 4 days, and he got totally raw.

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#15360 - 10/11/04 04:21 PM Re: How Often To Use Tazorac?
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We use it on Ryley twice a week, once all over her body then the second time on her legs, feet, and hands. The scales oner her legs hands and feet are the hardest to get off so we do it a second time on those parts and it seems to work great. Ryley has never gotten raw, but she has Lamellar Ich. We love the stuff and have just started using Velvachol mixed with lactic acid, and one mixed with mendalic acid. We have to pick up the one mixed with gluconolactone acid still so not sure how it works yet, but the other two are so wounderful. I have to wear rubber gloves to put it on her or my hands become rough and very dry. The stuff just eats my hands up but I love what it does for her skin.

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