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#15347 - 08/21/04 02:14 AM Finally Going to Start Accutane
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After being undecided for years, I have decided to go ahead and start accutane. I will be calling my dermatologist on Monday morning. My journey has come to the point where I am now 25, single, and desperately desiring to improve my quality of life. I have been reading the boards here for quite some time, and I just want to thank all of you for sharing your stories.

I look forward to becoming more active here than I have in the past.

Thanks again,


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#15348 - 08/21/04 01:28 PM Re: Finally Going to Start Accutane

I'm sorry to hear that Crystal. Accutane may temporarily improve your quality of life and make others perceive you as more "normal" but the minute you stop taking it your skin is back to the way it was and you are still the same person you always were inside. Good luck, make sure you get your xrays, bloods and liver panels done regularly so you can try and stop any side effects before they become permanent.

#15349 - 08/22/04 06:43 AM Re: Finally Going to Start Accutane
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Crystal, just wanted to say I enjoyed your site and you are such a beautiful girl. Keep a close watch on your health.

#15350 - 08/23/04 11:21 AM Re: Finally Going to Start Accutane
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Hi Crystal....

Gee, it was the first time I have been on here in quite a few weeks, and was thrilled to see you have joined us again...And it has been great to chat with you in Yahoo again...

Anyway I just had to find the time..(in my crazy life right now) to tell you to please be careful with Accutane...

Although I have never taken that drug specifically I have been on the tigason, and neotigason (soriatane)...with terrible consequences...

So much so (I BELIEVE)it is the reason for my needing rehabilitation therapy for my joints, bones and muscle weakness which has been getting worse over the past 12 months...

I will be having X-rays soon to see if they show up the typical changes from the etretinate side effects...

Like Keith said....they are a great Immediate JOY, RELIEF....but really appearances are not worth it in the long run when further down the track you will regret it when you body won't allow you to function anymore...

I personally find now, that PURE SALT baths, have the exact same SUPERFICIAL/OUTERSKIN BENEFITS, without the irretrievable internal damage they can do....

I know this is a very contraversial subject, and many swear by them, and it will forever cause disputes between us all...but we can't look into a crystal ball (**** , excuse the pun), and know how we will fare in 20 years time....

Bye for now
Love Pauline.

#15351 - 08/23/04 01:17 PM Re: Finally Going to Start Accutane
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Crystal - I am with the above posters in not taking Accutane. I actually took it for almost 15 years (16-30). I thought it was the best thing and never even went off it periodically, which I have since learned you are supposed to (no doctor ever told me this). It did help my appearance and confidence during those years but the thing is that once I stopped taking it I was right back to where I started and with permanent side effects (stiff joints, bone spurs, no cusioning on my elbows or knees (I can't even lean my elbows down as I type this without them aching or kneel down on a wood floor). And for what - I loved who I was before taking this pill and I wish that was enough back then. I wish I had people telling me not to take it and the reasons why. Your site is great and you look very vibrant and happy. Why would you want to change that?
As Pauline said - start using salt in your baths and you'll get very similiar results. I just wish I had the opportunity to make that choice over. Really think about it. One last thing, you are of child bearing age - do you want children? If so, you will need to detox your body to get rid of the Acctuane before you try and have children. That is what I have had to do. Last week I have been off it for 2 years and just now feel safe to start trying with my husband. It really brings a damper when you are ready, yet have to wait years. Others on this site said to wait 5 years, but after speaking to different doctors, I believe 2 years will do.
Sorry this is so long, but it's just not worth things in the long run.

#15352 - 08/24/04 03:55 AM Re: Finally Going to Start Accutane
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Hi. I have been wanting to reply to this thread, but for some reason, my browser would not allow me to log in. I think I will take your advice and try some other treatment options first. To be truthful, I had given up on other treatments because I knew they would involve sloffing (sp? sloughing???) and to be honest, that just sounded like an uphill battle because I'd been trying to do that all my life. I do not want to put my health at risk. I guess I am feeling a little deperate and very defeated at this season in my life.

Quite a few of you have reached out to me on a more personal level, and have shared your personal stories with me which I greatly appreciate. It has helped me to put this into perspective, much more than you could ever know.

I will keep you updated on my progress, and thanks for your honesty. It really has provided me with the inspiration and courage to give it another go-round.

God bless all of you, and I will be back often. Please email me or YahooIM me soon.

Crystal Lewis
YahooIM: crystallewis1


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