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#15336 - 07/18/04 04:34 PM Tzorac
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I suffer from a severe case of EHK the only thing that shas worked for me in the past is neotigason, although it worked some of what I have read here about bone pain and such is a little disturbing as I have also experienced problems when I was on the drug (hip pain, weakening of the joints maybe) I am looking for an alternative as I am looking to work later this year.

Would those using this please share your experiences with it compared to neotigason. Does it work as well?


I posted this in EHK as well (i'm sleepy hehe).

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We use the tazorac on my 6 year old daughter and have had great results. She has Lamellar though. The doctors in Kansas were impressed with how well her body looked and said I could up the amount of times I use it to help get the scales off her legs. That is the only part of her that has dark scales. I only used it once a week but have now started using it once a week on the whole body and 3 times a week on the legs and she is looking great. It doesn't stop her feet or hands from splitting but I don't know that anything ever will.

I am not sure how it compares with the neotigason because we have never used it, but we have had Ryley on the Tazorac for almost 3 years and have had no sign of any bad side effects.


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I have EHK also and have used tazorac, in fact I took part in the testing trials for this drug. It worked well on most of my body, especially my chest and arms. It did not work at all on my hands and feet. It did give me a chemical burn one time from using it on skin that was to new, took forever to heal. I want to tell you what Dr. Williams told us in the EHK breakout group. Tazorac is not meant to be used to cover your whole body at one time, and not to be used everyday either. According to the doctor it is supposed to be used in small problem areas occasionally. In fact I have a box of tazorac in front of me and I'm going to quote exactly what it says, "Apply Tazorac gel once a day, in the evening, to psoriatic lesions, using enough(2mg/cm(squared)) to cover only the lesions with a thin film to NO MORE THEN 20% OF BODY SURFACE AREA. If a bath or shower is taken prior to application, the skin should be dry before applying the gel. Avoid application to unaffected skin.

Upon asking the retinoid expert at the conference if any retinoids were safer then the others I was told they all basically have the same risk profile and even though tazorac is a topical retinoid it can and does absorb through the skin into the blood and organs. I understand some forms of Ichthyosis are worse then others and require more then just lotions and creams but retinoids in my opinion should be used as a last resort. I, like yourself, also took oral retinoids and have permanent hip damage as well as other problems. I just wanted you to know that there is no "safe" retinoid to take, oral or topical.


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