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#15316 - 04/05/04 05:43 PM Neotigason
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Hi i was hoping if anyone can help us,we have a two year old with L.I our doctor has spoken to us and said about putting Reanna on Neotigason. We have heard there is many side affects and we are worried has she is to young, has anyone else heard of or used neotigason at such a young age we are very concerned about the side affects, any advice would be grateful. Thanks Reannas mum

#15317 - 04/06/04 12:32 AM Re: Neotigason

In my opinion 2 years old is way to young to be on retinoids. I wouldn't even consider it until her late teen years if at all. If her condition is so severe that she can't get by without neotigason you'll have to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it is worth the temporary and sometimes permanent side effects that may come with them. Many of us have different opinions on what age is safe to be on neotagison, but most will say two years old is to young.

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I agree completely with Keith. My parents waited until I was in my teens to even let me know that I had the option to use a product such as neotigason or accutane ect... They gave me a lot of information on these products and then that summer I attended a FIRST conference and after that decided that it was not something I was going to risk. I think that it is important to let your child be able to make that choice, because the possible side effets are something she will have to deal with. If it isn't absolutely necessary for your child to be on neotigason then it might be a good idea to wait until you can discuss it with her and let her have a say in what happens to her body. Just my opinion.

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequte; but that we are powerful beyond all measure." Nelson Mandela
"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequte; but that we are powerful beyond all measure." Nelson Mandela

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Besides the possible side effects (I don't suffer much of them, but I know I'm lucky), you should also think about what you will do if it does work perfectly and her skin gets much better. I have been using Neotigason since I was twelve years old and I still know how bad my skin was before I started using Neotigason. Now i'm 26, and when thinking about having children the whole hereditary story is an issue, but the thought of having to stop using neotigason for at least three years (before getting pregnant and during pregnancy) is a really big factor too.
Although I am very satisfied with the effect neotigason has on my skin, it is not a light decision to make!
I agree with Keith and Beth that two years old is much to young. Neotigason should only be an option if everything else fails and even then...

P.S. You will find more discussions about Neotigason on the Retinoids Forum. In the United States Neotigason is called Soriatane.


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