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#15306 - 01/23/04 03:19 PM Acitretin and Alcahol
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Hello everyone,
Just a question about alcahol and Acitretin,
does anyone know what alcahol acctually does to Acitretin, my dermo told me it would be alright to drink whilest on it(don't think he wanted to deprive me of a student social life!)anyway I'm certain that I read something someone had said about it changing the drug into something else that stays in your system for much longer than it normaly would...which is a concern if it changes the lenght of waiting time before you can get pregnant. in the Roche leflet it just says that the mixture of the two 'may increase blood levels of fat like substanes' and that you might have to go on a speical diet if this happens.
I have'nt drunk any alcahol since i finished uni, but it would be uesful to know how serious it is to drink and take the medicine,
as I do like going to the pub with my mates now and then! [img][/img]
Wow this question turned out long! [img][/img]
I think forums like theses are a great idea and have found this one very useful,
I have LI by the way and never thought of searching the web for info on it till now, I'm glad I did! [img][/img]
Take care everyone

#15307 - 01/23/04 10:17 PM Re: Acitretin and Alcahol
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Bloomin eck! Thanks!
I'm 21 so I don't plan on getting pregnant for quite a while yet.
I've been on Acitretin for about 10years,
think i'd better confront my Dermo about the info he gave me!
Well thats no drinking for me then,I find Acitretin works for me,so it'd be silly of me to stop taking it just so I can have a beer with me mates, soft drinks from now on!
Thankyou so much for the info, was gonna chicken out and not ask the queation,am I glad I did!!
Cheers Tatiana,
Take care

#15308 - 01/24/04 01:15 AM Re: Acitretin and Alcahol

I know how you feel, I'm not supposed to drink with any of the medicines I take, plus I'm epileptic. All these years I've watched my friends drink where ever we go. Like Tat, I've always been the designated driver. I'm always the one looking out for everybody, always teased and called mamabear for worrying about everyone. I still have a few drinks 2 or 3 times a year in social situations, and that's it. I never knew about not drinking while on accutane 20 years ago, but I was never a big fan of drinking anyway, probably paranoid I'd pass out and someone would draw on me with a permanet marker or shave one eyebrow off. Oh the stories the designated drivers can tell, [img][/img].

#15309 - 02/25/04 05:21 PM Re: Acitretin and Alcahol
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please please please get in touch
im 21 have lamellar ich and i drink all the time. by drinking all the time i mean i have about 2 or 3 drinks on a weekend
docs said i could so i did
i sometimes go out with my mates without the car and get totally hammered. (usually on only a few drinks - lightweight you see)
i have taken acitretin for over 15 years now and i have never had a problem with my liver
doc tells me to be careful though.
please email me on or yahoo id or msn messenger
that also applys to anyone else wanting to chat.
any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
bye for now
thank all

#15310 - 03/21/04 10:27 PM Re: Acitretin and Alcahol
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Hey there Peeps!
Sorry been off the net for a while,
Thankyou all for the info bout acitretin and drink,
Whilest at uni I use to drink..a fair amount,(can drink at 18 over here) and yep I was one of the ones that had silly childish things done to me whilest under the inluence [img][/img]...tho I quite happily did the same to other drunken friends [img][/img]
So far being alcohol free is going well,
I have a friend whoses epileptic,and can't drink either and she's always the life'n'soul of a party, just proves you can still have fun without drink!
Han [img][/img]


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