Well I went to a new derm. Actually I used to go to him many years ago and because of an insurance change had to stop going to him. Yet again there was an insurance change and I'm back to him. I asked about Accutane and getting pregnant and he said for people that have been on Accutane for the normal purpose of the drug, one month is suggested to be off it, but he tells his patients around 3 months (same as my other derm). He said but because I had been on it so long that I should wait about 6 months but that he would call Roche and see what they say. I told him they told me one month. He called Roche and they told him one month and that there isn't any reported abnormalities from babies after one month - something to that effect. He told me again 6 months off should be fine and that a skin biopsy wouldn't be necessary. I've been off it 15 months and don't plan on starting to have babies until I'm off for 3 years. I may still request a skin biopsy, but as of now I guess nothing has be be decided.
It would really be messed up if Roche is just saying one month just to keep their drug in a good light rather than the safety of unborn babies.