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#15217 - 01/22/02 12:07 AM tazorac-do we need to check liver?
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Hi! Please help me out. My son is on tazorac and will soon be 12. My peditrician asked me if my son has had his blood drawn. My derm. didn't say anything to me about checking his blood levels. {liver enzymes} Does anyone know if there is alot of side effects from taking tazarac? We haven't experienced any. We have seen some improvement in his skin, but I wondered if I should get his blood drawn? Does anyone out there have a child taking Tazarac? Please let me know how things are going for you. Thanks for your help.
M Soliday

#15218 - 01/23/02 01:07 AM Re: tazorac-do we need to check liver?

M. Soliday,
I was on a tazorac study at ucla, but it was topical. Is your son taking an oral form of tazorac(tazarotene)? I never had to have my blood drawn when on this study, it only lasted 3 months though. I have been on accutane and always had to have cbc chem panel done when on retinoids. If your son is taking any kind of retinoid, tazorac included, he should be having his blood checked. I don't know how this could slip your derms mind. Any doctor should be able to look at his blood test results and tell you if his levels are ok.


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