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#15178 - 07/01/01 03:58 AM accutane
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Has anyone developed seizures and/or syncope(neuro-cardio or cardio condition)during treatment or after getting off Accutane?

Also, everyone I have ever talked to about Accutane has been told never to drink alcohol while on Accutane. At one time this info. was listed in literature on Accutane. Accutane is attracted to body fat. It is thought to accumulate in the liver and brain in higher concentrations if you have a thin or athletic type body. It is not known how long it stays in your brain--could be for an indefinite time.

#15179 - 07/02/01 02:48 PM Re: accutane
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Hi kat,

I took Accutane for about 13 years, and I've never had any neurologic or cardiac problems (before, during, or after Accutane).

The alcohol and Accutane issue seems to have become a bit confusing and a bit of a hot topic around here lately. I also remember seeing warnings in the literature years ago, when I was taking it, but it's clearly been removed from the current product literature on Accutane. In today's litigious society, I can't believe that Roche would remove any kind of warning if it was at all necessary. I've also not heard anything about Accutane deposits in the liver or brain.



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