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#14916 - 01/16/08 01:11 PM Itching inside the ear
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So I woke up this morning and found at least 8 q-tips in the garbage. My son must be up all night putting the darn things in his ears to itch. There's no wax on them (which I'm sure you can all appreciate) Has anyone put aquaphor inside the ear (I don't mean in the canal, just on the inner edge) or has anyone else come up with a solution?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.


PS He's 9 with x-link
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#14917 - 01/16/08 02:32 PM Re: Itching inside the ear
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It is such an annoying feeling to have the insides or your ears itch and not be able to reach it. I use a bobbie pin to itch the insides of my ears. It won't push any skin or wax farther down in to the ear canal like a Q-Tip will. You just have to be careful to not go to far.

Also, I use Lotrimin (sp?) lotion drops in my ears to help with the itching. It works great for me.

Hope this helps.

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"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequte; but that we are powerful beyond all measure." Nelson Mandela

#14918 - 01/16/08 03:39 PM Re: Itching inside the ear
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I hate it when my ears itch! I have q-tips everywhere for this--in my bathroom, in the kids' bathroom, in the computer room, at work, in my vehicle...

Sometimes I'll put a little vaseline on a q-tip and apply it inside my ear and it helps a little.

What helps the most, though, is to put 4-5 drops of Ear Wax Remover in one ear, then I lie down on the couch (so the ear with the drops is up) and watch a TV show until a commercial break comes on. Then I rinse the Ear Wax Remover out with warm water. Then I put in 4-5 drops in the other ear and lie on the couch again until another commercial break comes on. Rinse that ear out (I don't put vaseline in my ears after this treatment) and I'm itch-free for a day or two.
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#14919 - 01/16/08 10:14 PM Re: Itching inside the ear
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I am so with Beth on this subject. I have spent a decade or so locating just the right kind of bobbie pin and I use them as bookmarks so I always have one handy.

You have to be careful but you would be amazed by how much skin you can get outta there!
I don't remember what I did as a kid, I think I started with the bobbie pins around age 12. I never told my Mum because she would have freaked, it can be a little dangerous (I admit).

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#14920 - 01/21/08 07:55 AM Re: Itching inside the ear
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Our ENT recommended a white vinegar and water solution...just a few drops daily for itching and build-up. Interestingly, Natalie doesn't seem to get the build-up in her ears (she's been checked 4 times between the age of 1 and 2 just to be sure), but they certainly itch at times, and the solution helps. We alternate Salex and AmLactin AP occluded with Aquaphor (Salex in the a.m., and AmLactin AP in the p.m.)...maybe the acids have helped with flaking in the ears? I would think trying to get Aquaphor INTO the ear might perhaps cause more waxy build-up. BeepBeep is right about what her pediatrician said...PUTTING ANYTHING INTO THE EARS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND CAN DO PERMANENT DAMAGE. Not worth the risk, I'd say.

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