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#14195 - 06/11/07 06:51 PM sunscreen
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Hey was just wonderi ng if anyone has any suggestions for sunscreen. Zoey is 17mths old and has CIE. We tried using california baby sunscreen and it was not effective. We use white petroleum on her skin and it seems to attract the sun from underneath the sunscreen. Any suggestions?

#14196 - 06/12/07 02:04 PM Re: sunscreen
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We have been through what feels like every single product on the market. Last summer we had luck with Bullfrog, and this year it completely peels her skin. For a couple of weeks A&D baby (from Walmart) was working, then it started peeling her, too. Now we are using Vanicream Sport, and it has worked for over a month. It's pricey, but worth it.
4 year old daughter with CIE

#14197 - 06/12/07 02:18 PM Re: sunscreen
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Sarahbug, my name is Becky and I have nethertons. What I do for sunscreen is I use Coppertone Waterbabies, and I apply right after my shower in the morning and then I apply my aquaphor over the top of the sunscreen, and it works wonders for me, in the past I would put aquaphor on first and then apply the sunscreen, but the sunscreen wasn't able to absorb into my skin due to the aquaphor barrier, and then I would always burn. The way I do it now works a lot better as the sunscreen has a chance to absorb before I put on aquaphor.

Hope this helps.

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My Lauren (now 3 w/Harlequin) only wants to be outside. I have had the same frustrations the past two summers and have bought and tried every product on the market. Sunblock over skin care products, Under??? I could never get a straight answer from our derm.

It wasnt until recently when I asked one of our derms partners, just in passing.

Her words of wisdom:
If the product contain chemicals than it must be worn under and applied at least 15 minutes before exposure because it needs to be absorbed by the skin.
If it is chemical free (blue lizard) than it doesnt matter over or under and there is no wait to go outside.

We are now trying the blue lizard under the acquaphor or cream of choice and otherwise covering her from head to toe. She looks a little white because of zinc and the fact that it kinda sits on her skin but, so far so good.


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My Daughter too has CIE and used to use E45 Sun block for children it is very good but will stay white. We thought it good as normal E45 cream is suggested for ichthyosis. Now she is older and doesn,t want to be so white we use Johnsons factor 40 or 50 for babies and it too is very good

good luck


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