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#13643 - 03/14/07 05:26 PM Re: frusrated! what type??
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Great post Tammy! I can't really add much to that except that we have found using extra soap in the washer really helps clean the clothes better and prevents a build up of Aquaphor and such in the washer. We use almost double what you're supposed to use in each load. Liquid detergent really is better than the powder. It allows you to use more without the fear of it staying in the clothes. We use ALL Free and Clear detergent. I don't think Dreft would cut the Aquaphor as well which is often used with babies.
We also only use Aquaphor at night (on top of Curel Ultra Healing lotion) on our kids (we have three little ones and our youngest two have Lamellar and were both Collodion babies...they are almost 3 and 5 years old). At least it's only the jammies that are covered in Aquaphor. During the day we use Curel Ultra Healing lotion along with Cetaphil cream. We too only used Aquaphor in the beginning with our son. Aquaphor was all that was recommended to us. In fact, we were told not to use lotions because they wouldn't work. This couldn't be more wrong in our case. Our son's skin was so much better when we incorporated lotion into his routine. Our daughter was our third born and we already knew how to care for a little one with Ichthyosis so she was a lot easier. It does get easier!!! Keep your Chin up! [img][/img]
(I too would be more than willing to share some pictures of my little ones with you if you would like to email me.)

#13644 - 03/14/07 10:40 PM Re: frusrated! what type??
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Congratulations on your baby! These moms here can help you get a handle on things and give you so much understanding from a moms point of view. I have lamellar ich myself and I am a mother of four (none of them have ich) and a wife. I just wanted to say congratulations. Good luck to you and your family.

Karen (wva)

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