The posts from expectant mums have got me thinking....

I have been wondering a lot lately about the first week of our daughter's life. We adopted Roxy at 10 months old. She lived in an orphanage in China prior to that. I have been thinking about her birth and her first days / week with her birth parents. Roxy was born in a rural area, so we don't know what access her birth mother had to hospital facilities, help etc.

Roxy's LI doesn't seem to be an extreme case, and the scales didn't really become hard and thick until she was about 18 months old (she's now 3). Since birth she has had extremely lined hands and feet, and dry, flakey and itchy skin. Would Roxy have definitely had a collodian membrane at birth? What other issues would LI typically cause during the first week of her life? I am wondering if it would have been obvious to her birth parents that she had a skin condition. Would one of her birth parents have ichthyosis too?

I guess these are questions that I am wondering about myself, but in the long term I need to be able to answer them for Roxy when she is old enough to wonder too. Thanks, any insight would be appreciated.