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#13581 - 03/01/07 04:24 AM Ingrown hairs on the skin
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Does anyone else deal with this problem?

Just the other day, I went and had my hair cut. Elliot sat on my lap under the cloth, but he kept pushing it off, so he had a lot of hair clippings inside his outfit. I ran my son to preschool, then went to the grocery store, then we just barely had time for dinner before my son had an evening event at the preschool. By the time we got home, Elliot was asleep, so he didn't get a bath.

The next day, I took off his outfit for his bath, and the skin had grown over the hair clippings where they had poked through his socks. I spent about 15 minutes pulling them all out, and the skin was inflamed red. 2 of them had embedded so deep that it took me a week to get them out.

This used to happen to Nathan on occasion, too. He would get a hair stuck to him as I creamed, and it would be embedded by bedtime when I next changed his outfit.

Is this unique to our type, or a common problem?
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#13582 - 03/01/07 01:23 PM Re: Ingrown hairs on the skin
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I have had similar things happen, usually on my back. My girlfriend from a few years back used to refer to them as worms. I never let them worry me as they work their way to the surface and out relatively quickly.

#13583 - 03/01/07 03:40 PM Re: Ingrown hairs on the skin
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Funny you should bring this up! My husband who is non ich always gets our dogs' hairs imbedded in the bottoms of his feet! It is actually quite painful. He says it feels like splinters or pieces of glass! My daughter who does have ich does not seem to have a problem with it tho.

#13584 - 03/01/07 09:10 PM Re: Ingrown hairs on the skin
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Yes, Nina's skin (EHK) does the same thing. If a hair gets on her skin and I don't see it and get it off immediately, her skin grows over it really quickly. They do seem to work their way out eventually, or if there's a loose end I can pull it out but that obviously splits the skin. Our specialist dermatology nurse says she has never seen anything like it before!

#13585 - 03/05/07 07:20 AM Re: Ingrown hairs on the skin
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Oh YES JENNIFER...this has been happening to me for years...when it first occured, i would notice big red rings encircling my whole lower leg, and it would water was like one continuous water blister, in a shape of a perfect circle right round my leg...

Anyway after a while I told the Dermatologist, (not knowing what was causing it) and they did a biopsy, and it showed nothing whatsoever...

anyway after a while i noticed a hair embedded in that circled blister...and it was CAT'S HAIR...

Now, I always know that i have one, because i get this immense itching, like something prickling into my skin...drives me crazy, and i just know it is a cat's I go and get a needle and place it half way along where the hair is...and lift it through the skin...that way i don't have to rip much...

but if they are left there, they always leave a red line, and blister...I usually find them on my tummy, chest, arms and legs...not as much with these two boys, but seemed to be more likely with Kimberley who died two years ago...

come to think of it, she had very course fur, whereas these two are really soft, so i guess they fall off the skin more easily...


#13586 - 03/05/07 07:19 PM Re: Ingrown hairs on the skin
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That's really interesting. I've never heard of that before - obviously you could guess that we didn't have that problem then. Julia's skin doesn't really "grow over" or grow fast, it's more like the top layer that's already there peels off about every 24 hours. I guess be extra careful when you're putting cream on! Maybe use a room that has a LOT of light. Or make it a game to find any animal hair on your kids' bodies.

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