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#13569 - 02/27/07 09:10 PM Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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I'm increasingly noticing, and rather worrying about Nina's extremely cold hands. Her feet don't seem so bad, but then I suppose they are usually covered up, but her hands are always freezing, and lately the skin is blue/purple-looking. I'm worrying about circulatory problems.

Does anyone think this is linked to ichthyosis, or EHK in particular? The skin on her hands has suffered a lot of blistering and peeling recently, so maybe it looks worse at the moment because of that.

#13570 - 02/28/07 01:17 AM Re: Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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All three of my kids have had cold hands and feet when they were tiny. Grey and Cade seem to be growing out of cold little hands and feet. Leah still gets ice cube hands and feet every so often. I googled this out of curiosity and it seems to be a very common thing for little ones. Another possibility (I don't remember how old Nina is)...does she put her hands in her mouth? Wet hands get cold even faster. I wouldn't really worry about it but you could always ask her ped about it if it concerns you.

#13571 - 02/28/07 02:47 AM Re: Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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I am 29 and still get ice blocks forming at the end of my legs! When my feet get cold I do too so I try to keep them warm. Not good for anyone who has to share a bed with me hahaha

#13572 - 02/28/07 04:16 AM Re: Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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Julia's hands and feet are always reeeally cold, even if she's sweating on the rest of her body because I have her bundled up. I actually have the same problem (I don't have ich.), and so does my mom, so I figured it was hereditary or something lol
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#13573 - 02/28/07 04:37 AM Re: Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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It is definitely related.
1. With EHK, the moisture barrier is impaired by the shedding skin.

2. As you lose water from evaporation, you take heat away with it. You also reduce blood volume.

3. In order to maintain body temperature and blood volume, the body's first response is to constrict the blood vessels in the extremities, which makes the blood stay in the torso, where keeping the organs warm and hydrated is crucial, where extremities are not.

4. You have probably noticed that she drinks a lot more fluids than normal people do. My husband can drink an entire pitcher of juice in one sitting. My 4yo drinks at least 40 ounces a day. The baby does about the same. This is because of the reduced blood volume, which changes blood chemistry (pH and respiratory rate and osmolarity of the blood, among other things). It ultimately makes you thirsty until all those levels are restored.

What to do about it? Keep her hydrated and dress her warmly. I doubt that there's any underlying problem. Although she may end up with some contractures as she ages if she is keeping them balled in fists all the time. Encourage her to use them as much as possible.


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#13574 - 02/28/07 05:26 AM Re: Cold hands (but warm heart!)
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Interesting thread.

My sister and I both have the cold hands/feet problem (I frequently find myself watching TV in the classic Al Bundy pose but only because my hands are so darn cold). We also find our ears are cold and noticeably so to the touch. We both also have low blood pressure. I always assumed very low blood pressure was why our extremeties were cold. Now after reading all your experiences and Hearsay's contribution about blood volume, I now wonder whether IV may be a factor as well.


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