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#13501 - 02/12/07 03:38 AM What would you have thought?
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Today we stopped at McDonald's for lunch, and our daughter started talking to another little girl who was about three or four. The little girl asked what was wrong with our daughter's hands, and my stomach dropped.

Then I realized it was because Alice's hands were dyed bright red from eating strawberry snacks, and they DID look pretty weird -- but not because of the ichthyosis! She didn't even notice that at all!

*rolls eyes* I'm going to have to lighten up a little, I think...
4 year old daughter with CIE

#13502 - 02/12/07 04:07 AM Re: What would you have thought?
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That is so funny...i would have reaced the same too...when i go to McDonalds my whole mouth goes bright red from the sauces, and i come out looking like Ronald McDonald himself, so imagine the looks i would get...

Probably attract all the kids around me... [img][/img]

Lisa for Jake has a really funny story...she and her son were at the baths...and people were staring at little Jake (while he was in female changeroom with mum, and he told his mum that they are looking at me, and she said why is that...and he replied "it is either because i am a boy, or it is because of my big muscles"....HOW CUTE IS THAT...

That's my Jake, he is the most adorable little boy ever, so cheeky and up front...


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