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#135 - 10/09/00 11:46 AM Laura..another question
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Now that I am moderater, what do i do??

*looks around lost, then pins her trusty "i am a moderater" pin onto her shirt grinning proudly*

Is there a password, do i have to lock threads?

No, I doubt i would have ot lock threads, but from my lurkings on the Savage Garden BBS, I see the moderator there has a lot of troubles.


#136 - 10/09/00 03:38 PM Re: Laura..another question
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hehehe...I'll email you privately.

But yes, you have the power [img][/img] to edit/delete messages that get out of hand (or are otherwise inappropriate). Yes, we've been very lucky on this board so far not to have to do that very much...but, it's important to protect the community we have here, and nip it in the bud if it ever starts.

You're also kind of the 'house mother' and need to see that most everyone that posts gets at least one response, so they know someone heard them.

Will talk more in email.

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