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#13119 - 12/01/06 07:07 PM Re: Solid food?!
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I think the gi docs biggest concern is that she pick up food and bring it to her mouth, so that she learns food comes form other sorces (not tube or spoon) Some children, if they miss this window of opportunity for development, refuse table foods completely due to texture, and other reasons. I would try the banana, mashed potatoes,(placed on her tray-messy but fun), and other foods that can be mashed with her tongue. Then I would tell you, like I tell all of my mommys here, please take an infant child first aid and cpr course. You never know when you will need it, and you will feel a little better about when choking is major, or just gagging. The Red Cross and the American Heart assoc have great classes to offer. New this year, they no longer give a test for CPR, First Aid only. It's not hard either, just be prepared to make friends with a manequin lol.

#13120 - 12/01/06 11:09 PM Re: Solid food?!
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That is a good idea, I'm already certified in CPR and First Aid - got certified when I was a senior in high school, and every year I just do a class to re-new it, so I'm good on that angle. Plus DH is certified from when he was in bootcamp last year.

I spoke with the nutritionist again today, after attempting to give her mashed up boiled chicken (didn't even attempt to chew it, just cried when I put it in her mouth b/c she didn't know what to do!), and she agrees with me that she doesn't think Julia's ready for that stuff yet. She thinks that the GI doc just didn't hear her when she said Jules was at a 6 month level, just saw 14 months on the chart (tho if he thought she was a normal size for 14 months, he must not see a lot of kids! lol). She said to try crumbled up graham crackers in her jarred solids, not chunks just teeny tiny pieces, which'll make her have to use a chewing motion, instead of just being able to swallow it. So I guess I'll try that, and keep pushing the chunkier stage 3 foods for now...
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#13121 - 12/02/06 12:23 AM Re: Solid food?!
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One thing we loved were these mesh bags that you put soft fruits and veggies in and they chew on the food through the mesh bag, it helps them learn to chew without the danger of choking, they can be a pain to clean but they work great.

this is what one step ahead sells,
( you can find them at babies 'r' us for cheaper. They have other brands there as well that are colors so the bananas don't stain as much. I may even have a few left over that didn't get used. If I find them I will let you know if you want them.

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