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#13080 - 11/16/06 05:21 PM Want to hear something weird?
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We meet with this nurse every couple of weeks here in Texas, who's supposed to be an advocate for us and help with anything we need - like getting in touch with our early intervention program, or insurance problems, whatever.

And first off - this base that we're at is TINY. Because it's just a training base. Anyway, she said last year she was working with this pregnant woman, who was having genetic testing done, and her child tested positive for Netherton's. So this nurse did aaaaall this research on Netherton's Syndrome during the pregnancy to be prepared. When the baby was born, it turned out she was just a carrier, wasn't effected.

I just thought that was weird, because here we are a year later with a kid with NS, and are lucky enough to have a nurse who understands at least a minimal amount about the disorder! How lucky is that?! Even more proof that everything happens for a reason [img][/img]
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#13081 - 11/16/06 09:17 PM Re: Want to hear something weird?
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thats great that you found somebody who knows at least a little bit about what is going on.

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#13082 - 11/18/06 04:51 PM Re: Want to hear something weird?
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I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And somehow, it all works out.

#13083 - 11/18/06 11:00 PM Re: Want to hear something weird?
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How wonderful! I am glad you shared that with us!! Kristi


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