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#13021 - 11/08/06 10:48 PM Mum why do i look differen
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MY BABY Nour is now 2.5 y up till now she can not notice that she looks different ,sure when she can talk she will ask such a question ,what can I tell her and what are the reaction expected

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Marc was almost 2 years old when we started to educate him about his skin. He talked very early and was able to say "ichthyosis" pretty well...even our dermatologist was amazed! [img][/img] If someone asked him why his skin looked that way, he would tell them that he had ichthyosis and he was born that way. He would also say that it was dry skin. I told him that everyone is different and it is okay to be different. We are all special in our own way.

Marc is very outgoing and I think he has great self-esteem. I never treated him any differently because of his skin. I never hid him away or left him home while I did errands. Of course he was stared at and I was asked questions, sometimes rude ones by ignorant people, but I think he learned (and still does) from the way I reacted to all of the curiosity.

I think it is important for your child to know about their skin and to accept the way they are. I feel the more educated they are, the better prepared they will be to face the world as they get older.

Marc is almost 10 years old now and he is doing really well with his peers. His ichthyosis has gotten so much better since he was born, but sometimes he still gets asked questions by the new kids in school. Once he answers them , everyone seems satisfied and it is not mentioned again.

My son has had mostly postive experiences in school and out in public. Of course, sometimes he gets hit with the rude stares or snickers, but he takes it all in stride. I tell him that anyone who is rude has not been brought up properly by their parents and to just ignore them. They are not worth the trouble. [img][/img]



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