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#12660 - 09/06/06 06:14 AM Is this mean of me?
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I'm always hesitant to try new products on Julia's scalp. Right now, her entire scalp peels - literally every single inch. And though the scales are easy enough to take off with a washcloth, it's a pain in the arse to get out of her hair. But once we're done with the bath, she doesn't flake or peel or ANYTHING until the next morning, when we start the routine all over. Mainly looks like normal skin, just redder than normal.

I was looking at the Burt's shampoo/conditioner, b/c we use the beeswax moisturizing balm on her face (and it works GREAT!) but I'm worried that it'll take care of the peeling, and leave her scalp semi-moisturized (there always seems to be drier patches that have more scales, or more moisturized patches that have less to no scales) and flaky all day, and not be able to remove the flakes b/c they aren't ready to come off yet.

Does that make any sense to anyone? And does that make me mean?
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#12661 - 09/07/06 05:23 PM Re: Is this mean of me?
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yes that makes sense to me,
and if it does not cause her pain and the rest of the day she not flakey and peeling than I say no it is not mean. I am still learning my sons skin he is only 6 months, but I know what you mean about an easier peeling process, and I think as long as she is not in pain than go for it.

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