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#12557 - 08/23/06 02:04 AM diaper we go again!
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It's so frustrating, When I finally think I have Gracie's diaper rash under control(both yeast and staff) it comes right back again. Her last rash lasted for months and was finally cleared up with two different kinds of strong oral antibiotics. She stayed clear of any rashes for about two weeks and over night the rash has come back. It also seems that her skin has gotten very dry with the rash, yet another thing to worry about. I have different creams, one for staff and one for yeast... it's just frustrating because I don't know which one to use! I guess we'll be making another trip to the dr. tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to prevent these diaper rashes? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer

#12558 - 08/23/06 04:38 AM Re: diaper we go again!
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My MIL suggested (and I truly dislike her, but for this one piece of advice I forgive her a little bit lol) every time you change the diaper, wash the area off with water, and then pat it dry. Then put the diaper cream on. I know it sort of sounds like a pain in the butt (no pun intended lol) but it's been working pretty well for us! Julia didn't really get rashes, but she was always really raw down there - sometimes she'd bleed a little when I wiped her. Now, she's still red (but that goes along with Netherton's anyway) but the skin isn't nearly as fragile or irritated.
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