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#1160 - 08/06/02 12:29 PM Happy Birthday Pauline!

Another August baby,
Are you guys multiplying?
Happy Birthday Pauline, I hope they let Daniel out of the hospital to help celebrate your 21st bday. Take care and have a good one.

#1161 - 08/06/02 08:44 PM Re: Happy Birthday Pauline!

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Happy Birthday Pauline, I hope you have a good one, love Rebecca.

#1162 - 08/06/02 10:10 PM Re: Happy Birthday Pauline!
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Hello Pauline
I want to wish you the very best Happy Birthday and hope this day will bring you joy and excitement.Say hello to Daniel and wishing him the best too.
Your Central Calif. ich friend,
Les Avakian

#1163 - 08/07/02 08:54 PM Re: Happy Birthday Pauline!
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Dear Pauline
My best wishes to your birthday! We are so happy to know you and glad that you are part of the BB. Your posts make us think and are always encouraging and supportive. And your mails make so many of laugh everyday because you are always providing us with the latest jokes.
Thanks a lot. And take good care.

#1164 - 08/07/02 11:07 PM Re: Happy Birthday Pauline!
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Hi Everyone, and thanks for the good wasn't the best of days actually, Daniel came home for the night, and had a bad head cold. and I woke up on my birthday covered in blisters....couldn't walk,or sit...blistered bum!!! LOL

Actually it is something that always happened every birthday I had as a child and teenager..Every time I was having a party after school..I spent the evening in bed while they all partied on...Must be the excitement or something...does this happen to anyone else?

so it was very reminiscent of old times...I was in bed and Dan stayed in the lounge, and wouldn't even give me a kiss for my birthday because he didn't want me catching his cold....

and Sofie...thanks for the reassurance that my email jokes aren't driving everyone mad...I know there are lots of them, but I have 2 sources who are keeping them coming to you all....

Bye for now, another busy long day at Uni now...

Love Pauline.

#1165 - 08/08/02 07:31 AM Re: Happy Birthday Pauline!
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Happy birthday belated girlie! Sending you love and flowers and warmest wishes!


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