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#1148 - 08/01/02 12:47 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!

Hello everyone,
I'd like you all to wish Les a Happy Birthday, I'm not sure how old he is but I think he is still in his late 20's [img][/img]
I'd also like to thank Pauline for reminding me of his birthday, I would have forgotten it if it weren't for her. So Happy Birthday Les, I'm sure we all wish we could be there to celebrate and have some cake but it is tooo hot there for me this time of year. Have fun.

#1149 - 08/01/02 01:26 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
pauline5 Offline

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I know how old you are but I won't tell have double the amount of cake for me, because I am on a strict diet, besides there is no way I am making a 16 hour plane trip to get fatter on cake....

Keith, will you or someone else PLEASE tell me how to put these icons in the middle of the message..... AND KEITH, BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, YES I KNOW I HAVEN'T STARTED THE DIET YET....

Have a great day Les, just pretend that there is a smiley face on here too....and some big pucker up lips...
Love Pauline. XXXX

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#1150 - 08/01/02 03:46 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Meshell Offline

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Happy Birthday Les!!!! Cake sounds good to me!

#1151 - 08/01/02 08:39 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!

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Happy Birthday Les I Hope its a good one,
love Rebecca,Rhiannon and the family.

#1152 - 08/01/02 08:46 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Rosalie Offline

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Hi Les,

I assume that you (like a friend of mine says every year) are still 'a 19-year old young God'

Happy Birthday!!!

#1153 - 08/03/02 12:54 AM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Les Avakian Offline


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Hello All
Thank you very much for your nice birthday greetings. Holy cow,Ive turned "29". LOL.Where have the years gone. Your words of encouragement are music too my ears. Take care all and thanx again.
Your central cal ich friend,
Les Avakian

#1154 - 08/03/02 11:17 AM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Sofie Offline

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Dear Les
My best wishes to your birhtday!I hope you had a wonderful party with friends and family to celebrate this special day.
It was great meeting you at the conference. And it is great having you on the BB. Your support and encouragement are very much appreciated and very important to all of us.
Take care

#1155 - 08/04/02 10:18 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Chandra Offline

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Happy Birthday hun! [img][/img]
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.

#1156 - 08/05/02 05:08 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
Chuck Schmidt Offline

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Loc: Dallas, Tx, USA
Happy belated birthday Les.
51 / Icthy Vulgaris / Son and Daughter not affected

#1157 - 08/05/02 10:25 PM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
rjbrown Offline

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Hey Les, Happy Birthday if this post works!

#1158 - 08/06/02 02:26 AM Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!
kristi3360 Offline

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Happy Birthday Les! Hope it was the best you have ever had! Kristi and Hayden Hawk

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