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#11383 - 03/22/06 08:48 PM Doctor Burts feelin flakey shampoo
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Well now that I finally found the shampoo, I find out that my son had a bad reaction to it and it completly dried out the rest of his skin on his face and legs, from the runoff from his hair. So I have gone back to using Aveeno Baby shampoo and body wash, which works great on his skin, and Curell Ultra Healing lotion. I have buzzed his head and started using the lotion there again and he seems to be getting better, and bonus he looks really cute with a buzzed head, I was worried that he wouldn't,

This is all leading to something, I promise. I now have a bottle and half of the shampoo if anyone wants it, I would only ask for the shipping cost. I am not expecting anyone to want the opened bottle, but a have a brand new unopened bottle (a friend found it and bought it the same day that my husband found it)

E-mail me if you are intrested


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#11384 - 03/22/06 09:25 PM Re: Doctor Burts feelin flakey shampoo
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It didnt work for us either it made Braedens head even drier. but you never know unless you try.

#11385 - 03/23/06 04:11 AM Re: Doctor Burts feelin flakey shampoo
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That is so sad, poor guy! We get bad reactions to T-Sal, it's crazy how what works great for one may not work for another....but that's why I'm so glad for this bb, we can just keep talking and researching and sharing together!
Thumbs up on the buzzed head, I love the look on my boys, too (so cute!).....good thing, because it REALLY helps me keep their scalps healthy.
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#11386 - 03/24/06 01:45 AM Re: Doctor Burts feelin flakey shampoo
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Heather I have tried to find the Shampoo, but with no luck. If you still have it I would love to buy it off you. I was going to email you but your email address is not listed. You can email me with yours if youd like. If you still have it.

#11387 - 03/27/06 01:05 PM Re: Doctor Burts feelin flakey shampoo
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Hi. You can order Feelin' Flaky directly from for $10 plus shipping. I bought mine from Whole Foods or H.E.B for a little less. The bottle is lasting quite a while. If you have an organic store similar to Whole Foods, they will generally carry most of the Burts Bees line of products. Also, most stores have been willing to start carrying a product upon request as long as that store will be your source for purching it. Hope this helps.
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