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#11137 - 02/27/06 07:01 AM Anyone used MCT oil?
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For the bottle, it's still touch and go with Jules. Sometimes she'll take it, and sometimes she wants nothing to do with it...and most of the time it's that latter. So in the meanwhile, instead of trying to syringe 15oz/day of the concentrated formula into her (which is what the nutritionist recommended), they suggested we use MCT oil. Well, actually, I pressed them into suggestion MCT oil. Our ped. has been talking about using it for almost 2 months now, and it took the docs up at Stanford awhile to give us the green light...not sure why. Seems to be a lot of miscommunication between the 3 doctors we see.

Anyway, we just started it last night, and I'm curious if anyone's used it, and if they had positive results. [img][/img]

...PS, for weight gain, not skin-care related.
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#11138 - 02/28/06 07:00 AM Re: Anyone used MCT oil?
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Lucia is continuing to put weight on - they upped the MCT to 4 x a day(2ml each time).
Don't know whether it is a) continous feed, b) MCT c)combination of the 2, but she is steadily increasing ie. no weight loss now for 4 weeks.
The doctors started her on MCT oil back in the days of ICN, when she was about 5 weeks old - I BRAN'd the topic (what are Benfits, Risks, Alterntives and No thanks!)but no negatives were bought up. The one we are using is based on a coconut oil so get them to explain the origins in case Julia is allergic.....good luck!


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