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#10694 - 12/27/05 07:10 AM Poor weight gain - suggestions?
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Julia (my DD) has some serious weight gain issues. She'll gain, and then she'll lose. Sometimes she hits a plateau and doesn't go anywhere. We've tried everything (exclusively BFing, BFing and supplimenting w/formula or hindmilk, exclusively formula feeding) and nothing seems to make a difference, so we're exclusively BFing.

Anyone found anything that worked to make your baby gain weight? A nutritionist I saw mentioned some sort of oil that's pure calories, that you add to cereal, but DD's too young for that now. She's 2 months. I've also tried giving her liquid vitamins, but she seems to have issues with that - it's really thick, and when she spits up, she'll start choking on it.
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#10695 - 12/27/05 10:20 PM Re: Poor weight gain - suggestions?
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My daughter Lauren is now 20 months and has Harlequin Ich. We dealt with very similar issues with regards to weight gain when Lauren was younger and really feel the attention given to her size by our nutritionist and Gastroiterologist is what has made her story such a success. I hope this is helpful:

We left the NICU shortly after she was born on breastmilk supplemented with powder formula (Neosure Advance with Iron) and corn oil. The total calories when all was said and done were 30 calories/oz. Regular formula is 22 cals and breastmilk around 20 cals. Her weight gain was slow even with the high calorie diet and she was classified as "slow growth velocity".

When she was old enough to introduce cereal/babyfood ect, we continued with the 30 cal bottles every 3 hours (6 oz with a meal and 8 oz if bottle only). Total ounces in a day was around 32oz. Her pediatrician couldnt believe the amount of calories we were recommended but figured it was appropriate given the losses through her skin. While slow, by age 10 months she weighed almost 10 lbs.

She is now 20 months (and 20 lbs) and continues on her Neosure formula (now mixed to 22 cals/oz) and otherwise eats what we eat. We still feed her every 3 hours (not through the night anymore). If not a full meal, a light snack with her formula. We have also been given the OK to try whole milk (only 20 cals/oz) but not exclusively.

We met with the nutritionist recently after completing a journal for the week, outlining what Lauren had eaten. The number of calories consumed was nearly twice what a baby her age typically takes in, yet she is still less the 5% for weight. A true testiment as to what our kids need.

Our doctors have now considered reducing her calories even further and taking her off formula, as she is experiencing some physical delays, not likely associated with the ichthyosis, and they do not want her to get too chubby. Something I never thought I would here them say. We have turned a corner and I am hopeful you and Julia will soon.

All our best,
Shannon Hamill


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