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#10135 - 02/25/04 05:54 PM Kindergarden
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hi i dont know how to start this my 2yr old is going to kindergarden. And i hope other children will accept Reanna for who she is, and i hope the parents will to. We have to have a meeting with the teachers and was wondering if anyone else felt frighted any advice would be gratful thank you reannns mum.

#10136 - 02/26/04 09:56 PM Re: Kindergarden
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Hello reannas mum, my daughter Rhiannon is now 7 years old and she has e.h.k.
the only advice i can give you is to stay in close contact with the school, give them as much information about ichthyosis and Reanns needs as possible. and don't worry.
they adapt better to school life better then we do.
For the first couple of weeks i would'nt go out of the house just incase the school rung.and they never did . hopefully reannas school friends will accept her as they are so young. and i found with Rhiannons friends they asked whats wrong with her skin ,then they would say ok.
also try and befriend some of the other mums and tell them about Reannas condition.
the more people who know the less ignorance
there will be . good luck . let me know how things go.

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Ryley Started Kindergarten last Sep and I was full of all different feelings. I would say the strongest was fear though. I was so afraid of how she would get lotioned, how she would do her school work when her fingers and hands were split, but most of all how the other kids would treat her. What I did was before school started I talked to her teacher, the school nurse, and Princepal. We got a health plan together with all the do's and dont's for her and her care. I also gave them the video F.I.R.S.T has and some pamphlets on Ichthyosis. I also went through the treachers hand guide and highlighted all the things I felt were very important.

After school started probebly 3 days after it started I sent a note home with each student telling their parents I would be talking to the kids about Ryley and
Ichthyosis. When the day came I had a good turn out of parents. I read a story called The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. It is a great story and is on a level that little kids can understand. I also took Ryleyd lotion, her cooling vest, wraps for her hands and a few other things. I told the kids what they were for and let them hold them. It worked out great! She has only had one or two problems but with older kids and she took care of it all on her own. The boys have never said anything to her again. Ryley also lotions herself at scool in the nurses office. I think us as parents are more worried and scared then the kids are. I am sure Reanna will be fine. Let us know how things go and good luck!!


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