Shampoos for Ichthyosis

Posted by: LOwdy

Shampoos for Ichthyosis - 09/24/12 08:43 PM

Does anyone or has anyone ever found a shampoo that works well on the head but also on the entire body? It's as if something entered your system through your scalp when you use it? SOmeone once told me about this. We've tried numerous shampoos but never saw that kind of result. This would be for Ich Vulg.
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Re: Shampoos for Ichthyosis - 01/28/13 04:22 AM

I'm new here. Decided this will be my first post.

I've recently been growing my hair out for fun/it's cold outside. I got this....paulmitchel tea tree stuff. Works well when I have short hair for it to massage into. Works okay now.
It tingles...that's nice. Plus side is I smell like peppermint candies, women love that.
Honestly the best thing I've ever done for my scalp is shave my head, and lotion it all day every day.
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Re: Shampoos for Ichthyosis - 01/28/13 09:34 PM

We use the tea tree shampoo as well. The kids complain that it stings if they have open scratches, but it does a nice job.
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Re: Shampoos for Ichthyosis - 05/31/13 01:56 PM

Scrub down to mollify the skin. At that point utilize a difficult time wipe, for example a loofa wipe, to uproot the thickened scales.
Pick mellow cleansers that have included oils and fats. Stay away from firmly scented and antibacterial cleansers, which are particularly brutal on dry skin.
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Re: Shampoos for Ichthyosis - 07/29/13 06:51 AM

Well here you guys have a great suggestion related to this.. But this is very new but useful information for me coconut oil is the best product for this this.. its also very beneficial for this Ichthyosis.