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New Here - 11/18/11 01:57 PM

hei, im new here, just found this place last night. have had lamellar my whole life and see it as more of a posotive than a negative. i didnt think a forum like this existed and am very excited that i found you guys! i look forward to making new friends. so if anyone has a question or just wants to plain old b.s. hit me up on here or ask away.
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Welcome! Do you know about the FIRST foundation's family conference? It's in June in Denver and is a really great experience.

I'm glad you have found a healthy attitude about the skin problem. I am hoping my sons develop a similar feeling about their skin.
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Hello everyone I am new to this forum.
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hello everyone i'm new here

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Hi Guys...

I have recently joined this forum . I hope that i would have nice time here .