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Posted by: Scaly

X treatment - 01/03/11 09:31 PM

use a chiropidy sponge to "dry-sand" your skin, then bathe your skin in warm water, dry and apply a decent non-perfumed moisturizer.

for the scalp I use a fine mens comb to briskly "rake" the scalp surface. this loosens and removes the scales from the scalp. then bathe the scalp, rinse and then moisturise your scalp using your fingertips using a decent moisturizer. scrub soapy scalp with a nail-brush and rinse every couple of days to reduce scaling of the scalp.

the face and ears, I rub free of scales using a warm damp facecloth and then moisturise, if face severe then rub lightly with a chiropidy sponge to get rid of the worse and then finish with warm damp facecloth and moisturizer.

i have got the time it takes to do my body down to 30 mins per day including shower and moisturizer. my scalp I do once a month with a comb. sometimes I skip a day and just shower and moisturise.

before I tried razors (barely effective) and craft knife blades (dangerously ineffective).
I can now wear t-shirts, shorts and have a normal relationship with my wife.

downsides are: where you desquamate gets kinda dusty so keep bathroom reasonably clean. also you will be accused of shaving your legs, tell em you cycle or swim professionally or body-build!

remember, it takes longer when you first start but as your skin improves treatment time will come down.