boys and first time use of Deodorant

Posted by: mom4mikeusa

boys and first time use of Deodorant - 03/31/09 01:51 AM

I have a son with Netherons and he is in fifth grade and the just did the your body talk and they gave all the kids deodorant and Michael didn't get any cause I was worried on the kind and what it might do. I talk to his derm and she said to talk to you guys and see what you say and we will go from there can anyone help me????
He feels really ad because they are all using it and he isn't and he is Getting made fun of for it.
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 03/31/09 09:10 PM

I wish I had something helpful to say, but I am a girl and I have EHK. All I can say is that using deodorant is one thing that I have never had problems with.
He could always go with the old patch test and try it out on the weekends or over spring break when school is out so that if he reacts, he won't have to be at school and uncomfortable. And there's always all natural products that might cause less reaction.
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 05/01/09 04:10 AM

My husband has ich, but a different type more like EHK. He uses the spray type, but it burns like crazy if he has peeling like when using Tazorac. Then he switches to the cream stuff.

Type is hit or miss. Some sting more than others. It wouldn't hurt him to try it. He'll know right away if it stings or not.
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 05/05/09 05:02 PM

Jennifer~ I've used Tazorac myself before. It works wonders! lol

mom4mike~ I have EHK, and I've seen that deoderant causes the skin under my arms to thicken up pretty bad. So I buy an extremely strong OTC form that lets me go a day without using it. if I need to clear my skin under my arms, I'll just soak in the bath, apply lotion (vaseline) really thick and let it sit for a few hrs before scrubbing away.
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 05/26/09 12:01 PM

I have EHK so 100% not the same thing, but maybe helpful. I have been using it since middle school. Not much need before that.
I use a spray, Right Guard - Anti antiperspirant and deodorant. Fresh scent thought I don't think the scent matters. This is the only thing that works.
No roll on gel or even other sprays work for me. Also the right guard deodorant (with out antiperspirant) doesn't work.
And it doesn't seem to burn either.
Note: I was just on the right guard website and they have a clinical version I have never seen before. I will give it a try and pass along my findings.
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 10/09/09 02:05 AM

I'm 21 years old. What deodorant I'd better use?
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Re: boys and first time use of Deodorant - 09/24/10 07:11 AM

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