hello im new.

Posted by: corsasri

hello im new. - 02/19/07 12:25 PM

hello all my name is gary i'm 34,and live in the united kingdon, newbury berkshire ,I have had ichthyosis since birth not shore what type it is. i have it over aprox 75% of my body. the places i do not have it is where i sweat. like face,neack,palms,
i am in newbury berkshire and would like to meet other people in or around newbury for a chat.
my email address is gpusey8871@aol.com
Posted by: Borednow

Re: hello im new. - 03/21/07 03:28 PM

Hi mate, there dont appear to be that many of us from the UK on here, I'm up in Nottinghamshire so no chance of me nipping round for a chat lol. Without more details its hard to say what type you have but it sounds like vulgaris to me (which is what I have).


Posted by: Damon

Re: hello im new. - 08/28/12 11:19 AM

Hi dear,

Welcome to this forum and thanks for joining us at this place.
It is a good place for sharing and discussing.
Here you will meet many people to share and get advice about different matters.