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circumcision - 12/31/05 07:43 PM

I have a 5 week old little boy and the doctors are unsure about circumsizing my son. They are not sure if they should do it and if they do at what age. I was wondering how many of you have been circumsized and if you are at what age. Also, I was wondering... if you are and you had the chance to change it would you prefer not to be. My husband is worried about the effects this could have on him due to the skin not having the same elasticity as others. Thanks for any advice you can give. I figured who better to ask than other men (especially since the docotrs all seem so unsure).
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Re: circumcision - 01/02/06 03:08 AM

Hello JDS
Thanks for the question and I think doctors have two schools of thought on the subject whether to circumsize or not. One side feels its more hygenic to circumsize and possibly protect against urinary tract infections. The other side feels it is a procedure that is not needed as long as you bathe and shower.From what my parents had to go through in the "Dark Ages" of my birth, it was the last thing on their minds.Doctors had no clue what xlinked ichthyosis was, or the affects of the steroid sulphatase deficiency syndrome.Thanks to research and educaton, parents have a better understanding of what ichthyosis is.JDS, Im hoping others will post their opinions and experiences.
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I am a mom to two boys and a girl. My three year old son and my one year old daughter both have Lamellar. My 5 year old son does not have Ichthyosis but had many complications during pregnancy and birth and was in very poor health when he was born. We were planning on circumsizing but after all of the health complications with him, we decided not to. He is a normal healthy 5 year old boy now and is not circumsized. My three year old with Lamellar is not circumsized either and neither one of the boys have ever had a UTI or any problems for that matter. Taking care of an uncircumsized penis is not difficult and is not really an issue...until they are old enough to bath themselves, there is really no extra care needed. I am not against people who have their children is a personal decision and it just wasn't something for us. Feel free to contact me. Best of Luck with your decision!
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When my son was born (7 now) he got some infections from the weakened skin barrier (x-link) and the doctor said he wouldn't do the circumcision but if we wanted to have it done, he could find a doctor that would. My son baths every day at least twice a day. We always have to remind him to clean it right, but otherwise that hasn't been a real issue. He still wets the bed (not sure why but all the doctors tell me not to worry about it) I have him put lotion on his diaper area to help prevent diaper rash because he's so suseptable to them. He still gets them and it can flare up his whole back and chest and down to his knees. Just recently he called me into the bathroom and his penis was so swollen he couldn't pull the skin back to clean it. When we finally got it back, it was practically stuck there. I am bringing him to the doctor's tomorrow and am going to ask what could cause the swelling. If it's the urinating all night, or the rashes, or something I don't know about.

Moral of the story: If I could go back I would have had him circumcised. We may have to do it now, and at this age, I fear the pain he will have. Sorry boys for making you think of this.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your decision.
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Subject was also briefly discussed here:

I have to say that I agree with Keith here...

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