Please help - questions for the guys...

Posted by: JoshsMummy

Please help - questions for the guys... - 06/06/04 09:37 AM

Hi there
My 9 month old son has Ichthyosis ( waiting on precise diagnosis - but seems to be LI or CIE) which for him means that his skin grows at twice the normal rate and does not shed. Joshua is the first one in our family to have Ichthyosis, so we dont have much any guidance in this. Thank you for reading my questions! At the moment the skin in Joshuas nappy area is kept nice & soft by the urea in his urine, but I worry about when he is out of nappies.... I mean, will he need a circumcision? does the skin accumulate there like everywhere else? will he be able to keep the area clean & keep the scale down enough so he doesnt crack? surely you dont scrub his private parts like you scrub the rest of him?
I know this is pretty personal stuff but Im quite worried about this so I would really appreciate any one brave enough to give some advice!


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Re: Please help - questions for the guys... - 06/10/04 05:04 PM

Dear Kandice

Unfortunately I am unable to answer your question but I noticed that the question was discussed already. Use the search function on the board or go to the Mens Issues 'Sensitive Topic' (posted by Lisa) or the Moms section 'To circumcise or not' (posted by Lisa as well).

Good luck with your decision.
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Re: Please help - questions for the guys... - 06/21/04 07:15 AM

Thank you for replying Sofie, and thanks also to the men who were kind enough to take the time to reply personally, I really appreicate it!
...Its things like this a mother just doesnt know!!