thank you!

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thank you! - 07/26/03 02:26 PM

I just happened to be looking on line in regards to a skin irritation my child has, and found the answer to my husband's skin problem!

Since childhood he has suffered from excessively dry skin patches on his body but primarily on his legs. The skin flakes terribly and is stuck on with brown patches that often bleed if he scratches at them. He also experiences flashes of internal heat when his skin wont breathe during the spring and fall. His scalp gets very flaky during the winter and he can scrape tons of skin off of it in the shower.

As a child his parents took him to the doctor and they called it dry skin and told him to moisturize. We have been to the dermatologist since, but nothing was said of ichthyosis. they called it exzema. (sp?)

He does not sweat except across his chest area in extreme heat, so as a child he was told that was due to faulty sweat glands! All of these characteristics, however, seem fit what you are discussing here!

The fish like scales caused him to be ridiculed as a child, but he has learned to live with it since. One thing that has always brought him tons of relief is swimming--especially in the ocean. Thank you for getting this info out there to people!
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Re: thank you! - 07/26/03 05:40 PM

Hi! I wonder whether your husband would have ichthyosis vulgaris because there is a connection between that kind of ich and eczema.It talks about that on the F.I.R.S.T website. Elizabeth.
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Re: thank you! - 07/26/03 08:51 PM

I believe you are right. After researching the websites today, we have found that he suffers from the x-linked ichthyosis vugaris. As we read more about it he was so relieved to learn he was not crazy to feel these other symptoms along with the dry, flaky skin. (The inablility to sweat, the fidgity feeling of wanting to cool down or get out of his skin, relief in the ocean/pool.) He said (only half joking) "I have found my people!"
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Re: thank you! - 07/27/03 03:23 AM

Although it does sound like your husband may have a form of ichthyosis, it's very difficult to determine which kind he has by reading the posts here. Several forms of ichthyosis have heat intolerance as a characteristic, and most effect the lower legs. To be sure of his specific type, especially if it is xlinked, a blood test can be done to determine what type he has, or a skin biopsy.
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Re: thank you! - 07/27/03 05:25 PM

Hello Ichthy Wife
Welcome to our ichthyosis bulletin board and happy you found us.All of the symptoms your husband mentions have been experienced by many of us. The heavy scaling in the fall and winter months, the fidgeting, the overheating because our skin is so tight,and the needle like feeling when the perspiration breaks through are all a part of some types of ichthyosis.There are 24 types of ichthyosis.Our ichthyosis foundation FIRST has a website at the foundation has an ichthyosis support network and you can contact Maureen Tierney, program director, at for creams, what is your husband using? Many are helped by the alpha hydroxies including urea, glycollic, salicyllic,and lactic acids. Lachydrin by prescription,over the counter:Amlactin non scented and Amlactin non itch, Aqua Glycollic, Eucerin Plus, Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy,LAClotion by Paddock Labs are just a few products many of us use. Have your husband try some of these products to find out what works best for him.Believe me, when you find the right acid cream, it is so much easier coping with the scaling and itching.Take care Ichthywife and by for now.
Les Avakian
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Re: thank you! - 07/28/03 01:02 PM

Keith, thank you for your reply. we have continued to search different websites on line and are pretty confident that he has ich. vulgaris. we will continue reading more about the x-linked before we determine whether or not he has that. We will probably try to find a new dermatologist who is familiar with ichthyosis and go from there.

Les, thanks for your email and reply. we have visited the FIRST website--it is a wonderful resource! believe it or not, he has not been using any lotion (maybe on occasion) beause for so many years it just didnt work. We will definately try the ones you mentioned. It sounds crazy but having been told since childhood that it was just dry skin, then having several doctors and even dermatologists say he just needs to exfoliate and put lotion on, he just kinda gave up trying. This forum has really encouraged him and he has been searching to find what has worked for others. thanks!